Tournament App

Your tournament app will enrich your participants' overall experience by offering an all-in-one resource for everything they need plus more, right from their mobile device. Players, coaches, scouts, and fans can access the information they want anytime, anywhere.

Features For Everyone

Info Booth

Information provided by an event will include everything everyone needs to prepare for their upcoming trip: travel agent info, local weather, rules, team check-in procedure, etc.


All venues being used for a tournament can be found here. If their are multiple locations at the same place a venue map can be provided. Participants can access turn by turn directions as well as view and load locations in google maps.

Teams List

Lists relevant information about teams and their tournament schedule. Here teams can see who, where, and when they are playing, even what colors they're wearing.

Venue Schedule

Provides the list of games being played by date, time, and location from the first day to the last. Any updates or changes will be reflected in real-time.

What's On

Shows games in progress and upcoming for across all locations within a two-hour window.


Game results are linked so you can track what's happening from your field, your hotel, or your living room.

Online Store

Selling merchandise at your tournament? Boost sales with direct access to your online store.


Share updates, changes, or general information with all participants in real-time.

City Guide

A link to a visitor bureau’s website or a favorite resource for local knowledge will help guests make the most of their trip.

Social Media

Players and fans can share their experience with the world by posting to the event's Facebook page and Twitter account. #awesome


Exclusive offers provided by sponsors to event participants are listed here. Group discounts to dinner specials and everything in-between.